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. Best choice for Latin America. View sample rates: Argentina 2.6¢, Buenos Aires 1.2¢, Argentina Mobile 5.0¢, Brazil 4¢, Belho Horizonte 3.3¢, Brasilia 3.3¢, Rio de Janeiro2¢, Sao Paulo 2¢, Chile 1.7¢, Chile Mobile 19¢, Colombia 5¢, Colombia Mobile 9.8¢, Mexico 4.9¢, Guadalajara 3.2¢, Mexico City 3.2¢, Monterrey 3.2¢ More ...
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Tel3 is providing low cost calling cards for US and international destinations. It provides rechargeable calling cards with pin-less dialing (pin-less dialing is a preferable way to call from your residential or cellular phone).  More ...