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Founded in 1997, Callture has more than 11,000 long distance customers and over 200 agents worldwide. Callture customers include leading corporations such as Castrol, VOLVO Motors, DAEWOO Motors, DHL and Procter & Gamble.


Callture Long Distance (Dial Around). The best way to call world from Canada.
Universal PIN - Callback

Callture long distance dial around
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•  International Callers : Enjoy our good rates and high quality from any location in the world. No set up fees.
Travellers : Make calls, update loved ones and save money from the comfort of your hotel room and from any country worldwide.
US Expatriates : Access low US rates and high quality connections from anywhere in the world.
•  Multinational Companies : Save money by managing long-distance calls under one account serving offices in multiple countries. 
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Talk Unlimited

Receive unlimited calls from your family and friends who live outside of Canada and USA for just one flat monthly rate! All your friends and loved ones need to do is to call the local number and the call will be forwarded to your phone here in North America. Click here to check the pricing for your country  
The countries Callture serves: Argentina  Brazil  Chile  El Salvador   Guatemala   Hungary   Mexico   Pakistan Panama  Poland  Peru  Portugal   Romania   Spain   Turkey   Canada   USA  


Callture Virtual PBX

Callture Vitrual PBX

Professional Greeting:
Have a unique greeting that you can record as "main" and on each extension.. more

No Hardware or Software needed: 
Our PBX is entirely virtual, so you will never need to install hardware/software.. more

Multiple Extensions: Our PBX is equipped with numerous extensions. Perfect for companies with multiple departments.. more

Extensions are equipped with default voicemail. Phone and web access to your messages.. more

Have all the services of a receptionist, without any of the random errors or cost..  more

Phone and Web Interface: 
Retrieve messages either over the phone, or even download them via Web.. more

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